Vegetable Cutlet Vegetable Cutlet


vegetable cutlet or vegetable patties is a delectable combination of mashed potato and green vegetables, is a crisp outside and soft inside Indian potato snack.Vegetable cutlet is the perfect snack for evening with tea. I am sure kids would love it with tomato sauce. I used beetroot for a nice color. Even you can prepare the cutlets a day before and refrigerate them and fry it the next day. I have tried many times. You can use cabbage, green peas, beans, cauliflower in the cutlets.. It is great for small parties and get together. Just try this; andyou will love it!!!!


  1. Pressure cook the required vegetables with some water for 3 to 4 whistle or until it turns soft. Drain the water completely. Let the cooked veggies cool down.
  2. Then heat oil in a pan. Add fennel seeds, let it splutter. Then add finely chopped onion and wait until it gets transparent. Add ginger garlic paste and cook till raw smell goes off.
  3. Then add all the masala powder and required salt into it and sauté for 2 to 3 min. if you want add coriander leaves in this stage and switch off the flame. Let the mixture cool.
  4. Add the masala mixture into the veggies, required salt and mix well. Next add rice flour and combine everything to make pat dry (Adjust adding rice flour to the wetness of mixture). Shape those mixture into flat round patties.
  5. In a bowl beat one egg, and in another plate spread bread crumbs and keep it ready.
  6. Heat oil for frying on medium- high flame. Dip each patty in the egg and roll in bread crumbs. Fry a few cutlets at a time until it turns into golden brown both the sides.
  7. Tasty cutlets are ready to be served as an evening snack with cup of coffee/milk.

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