Pesarattu Moong Dal Dosa


Other than Idly dosa, Pesarattu is one of the healthy items for breakfast. It is prepared with rich in protein as its prepared from green moong dal instead of rice and urad dal. This deliciously crispy dosa is one of the best recipes of Andhra cuisine and generally served along with upma and ginger chutney.


  1. Wash the moong dal in a vessel 2 times
  2. Then soak them in 1.5 cups of water for 4-6 hours
  3. Drain excess of water from soaked beans
  4. Transfer them to mixer grinder jar
  5. Put ginger, garlic cloves, rice flour, salt, green chilli
  6. Grind all the ingredients together until its semi-thick and little coarse texture
  7. Add water (nearly 1 cup) until it’s according to your preference.
  8. Make sure that all moong dal are grinded and are completely made into paste
  9. Now the paste is ready, take the non-stick pan and put it on medium flame/heat
  10. Pour full batter in the center of pan and spread it into thin circle.
  11. Sprinkle some onion and coriander mixture over the dosa and gently press them using spatula
  12. Flip the dosa gently until it turns light brown in color(ensure its roasted)
  13. The dosa is now ready. Transfer it to serving plate and serve hot.

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