Musk Melon Juice Musk Melon Juice


Musk melon has too many names, to name a few would be cantaloupe, rockmelon, mushmelon and even sweet melon.Inhindi, we call it as Kharbuja. Though commonly known as musk melon. Musk melon juice is very tasty and simple to make. I love its colour and natural flavour. It contains very high percentage of water content and have many more nutrients. Those who wants to reduce the weight, can try this super yummy musk melon juice. I have used almonds in this juice, don’t worry!! It will not increase the weight it contains only good cholesterol.


  1. Wash and cut the musk melon, remove the outer skin and Cut the musk melon into two halves and take out the center seed part.
  2. Add all ingredients into the mixer to make tasty melon juice, add some water to get the perfect juice consistency if needed.
  3. Blend it well. Add some ice cubes if required.
  4. Tasty musk melon juice is ready to serve. (Serve it immediately after making a juice if not, will feel bitterness in the juice)

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