Mooli Paratha Mooli Paratha


Mooli Paratha is a punjabi cuisine. Mooli Paratha is simpe to make and yet lip smacking. These Parathas are made by grating Moolis and adding a few spices. The juice from the Mooli needs to get squeezed at least thrice before you do the filling, if not the Parathas will be wet which will result in breaking of the Parathas. Mooli Parathas can be had with ketchup, pickle and curd. You can make the Parathas in olive oil, ghee or any refined oil. I have fried the Parathas in olive oil. One thing to note: You must fry the Parathas well and have the Mooli parathas immediately, otherwise it will get a bit soggy. But this are the must have Parathas. Simple to cook, tasty to have.


  1. Prepare the dough and let it rest for atleast 15 mins.
  2. Wash and peel the Mooli. Now grate the Mooli and squeeze the water out of the Mooli properly.
  3. Now, add the spices - green chili, red chili, coriander leaves, coriander powder, garam masala, amchur powder and salt.
  4. Mix properly.
  5. Roll out small a disc of the dough and take the dough in your palm and fill it up with Mooli Masala.
  6. Wrap it up properly. Close the edges nicely and roll out the disc again.
  7. Put it on the tava and shallow fry it with oil.
  8. Fry till Parathas become crisp and nice.
  9. Parathas are ready to be served with curd and pickle.

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