Baigan Ka Bharta/ Baingan Bharta


Baingan ka bharta is a favourite dish at home. The one who likes brinjal, will surely love this awesome recipe. This is quick to make and is delectable to have. This is prepared differently everywhere in India. You can count this recipe as one of the authentic ones. this particular dish tastes the best when prepared in Ground nut oil, if you don't have that you can also cook with refined or mustard oil. This can be served hot or warm along with some hot Phulkas/ or steaming rice.


  1. Firstly, we need to wash the brinjal properly. And wipe it with a dry cloth. Apply some oil Cut it into halves and place it over the flame directly to roast.
  2. Let it roast properly from all sides. Check the doneness every five minutes.
  3. When its completely roasted, now let it cool for sometime. After its cooled, peel off the skin. But do not immerse the brinjal in cold water. Let it cool by itself.
  4. In a kadhai, add the ground nut oil or any other oil of your choice, add the onions.
  5. Just fry the onions till translucent and add the ginger garlic paste.
  6. Fry till the raw aroma of ginger garlic paste goes away.
  7. Add the finely chopped tomatoes. Add the spices- turmeric, coriander powder, red chili and salt.
  8. When the mixture starts leaving oil from the sides, add the smashed brinjal. You can also cut the brinjal in pieces with a knife.
  9. Let it cook for five minutes.
  10. Add the lemon juice and garnish with coriander leaves.
  11. Check the salt.
  12. The tasty baingan ka bharta is ready to be served with hot Phulkas or rice,
  13. Firstly wash the palak in cold water thoroughly. Then you can give it a boil to remove impurities completely.
  14. After giving one boil, wash the palak nicely again.
  15. Then, make a puree of the palak along with garlic, ginger and green chili. No need to add water while making the puree.
  16. Now heat oil/ghee/ butter in the kadhai. Add the cumin seeds. Let them crackle.
  17. Add the Onions and fry till golden.
  18. Add the tej patta and finely chopped garlic cloves.
  19. Fry till the raw smell of the garlic goes. Now you add the finely chopped tomatoes.
  20. Add the spices, turmeric, salt , red chili and garam masala powder.
  21. Let it cook til the masala paste leaves the oil.
  22. Now add the palak puree.
  23. Stir well.
  24. Add about half a cup of water. Check the consistency of the gravy. The gravy should not be too thick or too runny.
  25. Simmer for 5 mins till the palak is cooked.
  26. For the paneer cubes, soak the paneer in hot water for 10 minutes, alternatively you can also microwave the paneer in water for 5-6 minutes. This will yield softer paneer.
  27. Now add the paneer. Crumble a few paneer and add it to the gravy.
  28. Simmer for more five minutes.
  29. Serve the palak paneer hot.

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