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Rotary powder filling machine

Rotary powder filling machine

    This Rotary powder filling machine is a latest filling machine designed and developed by our company according to the latest GMP standard of the country. The machine adopts the latest technology. and the design is more reasonable. simpler and more robust. Automatically enter the tank. metering. filling. suitable for packaging powder granular materials. such as milk powder. protein powder. chicken powder. solid beverages. grape mash. rice flour and so on.

    Automatic powder filling machine Features:

    1. Chinese and English LCD touch screen. PLC control system. work at a glance.

    2. Use can or bottle container. no bottle. no bottle. no filling. can configure automatic bottle inlet system.

    3. The structure and layout of the whole machine are reasonable. the variety of packaging is changed. hygiene and convenience are eliminated.

    4. using imported servo motor. fast speed. large torque. greatly improving the packaging accuracy.

    Technical Parameters:

    Filling weight: 10-2000g

    Packaging accuracy: 1%

    Packing speed: 0-40 cans/min

    Power Supply: 380/220Y 50--60 HZ

    Machine power: 2kw

    Total weight: 500 kg

    Applicable container height: 50-350mm

    Applicable container diameter: 30-100mm. 100-200mm

    The whole volume: 2000×1150×2300mm

    Container volume: 50L

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Rotary powder filling machine

Rotary powder filling machine

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