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Double-head online weighing powder filling machine

Double-head online weighing powder filling machine

    Double-head online weighing powder filling machine

    The Double-head online weighing powder filling machine is suitable for canning, canning and drum packing of various powdery, ultra-fine powder or granular materials. Such as: milk powder, rice flour, protein powder, cocoa powder, powdered medicines, chicken powder, chicken essence, additives, sugar, dyes, flavors and fragrances.


    1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which is especially suitable for GMP certification, food hygiene certification, and requirements for anti-corrosion chemical products and other packaging.

    2. Touch screen man-machine interface, stable operation, anti-interference, high weighing accuracy, convenient and intuitive operation. The weight of the package can be adjusted steplessly at any time, and the working status can be changed at any time. The operation is convenient.

    3. filling the servo motor spiral, with accurate positioning, high precision, speed, torque, long life, speed can be set, good stability and other advantages.

    4. mixing with Taiwan production maintenance-free gear motor: low noise, long life, life-long maintenance-free.

    5, designed to be called feedback proportion of tracking, to overcome the weight change due to the change in the proportion of material defects.

    6. Fully sealed air-resistance glass stainless steel side open composite material box, the material movement is clear at a glance, the dust is not leaked, and the filling outlet is equipped with a dust collection device to protect the workshop environment.

    7. replace the spiral accessories, can adapt to a variety of materials such as ultra-fine powder to large particles.

    Double-head powder filling machine Technical Parameters:

    1、Measuring method: after the weighing, it is supplemented by spiral filling

    2, the container size: cylindrical container φ50-180mm high 50-350mm

    3, package weight: 10-5000g (transformation screw attachment)

    4, packaging accuracy: ± (0.5-5.0) grams

    5, packaging speed: 25-55 cans / min

    6, power supply: three-phase 380V (or custom single-phase 220V) power: 3.5Kw

    7. Air pressure: 6-8Kg/Cm2 Air consumption: 0.2m3/min

    8, the whole weight: 1000Kg

    9, the whole volume: 3330 × 1400 × 2400mm

    10, the volume of the material box: pre-charge 50L, add 50L

    Introduction to the production line

    1. High-speed automatic assembly line includes: Liquor cans → tipping, purging, sterilizing machine → double-head high-precision weigh filling machine → vacuum sealing machine → chain conveyor belt → inkjet printer → can opener → Chain conveyor belt → capper → loading platform.

    2. The supporting machine of this production line is stainless steel except the materials indicated, and all machine structures are selected and designed according to the food hygiene standards.

    3. The whole line equipment is designed according to the GMP standard and fully meets the national food hygiene requirements. Realize the fully automatic action of the assembly line to ensure that the personnel in the entire production process will not be exposed to the product and make the production process completely transparent and reliable.

    4. The inner wall of the container in contact with the material is polished, and the frequently disassembled and cleaned structures are connected by easy-to-remove parts to ensure the convenience of handling when shifting or changing the product.

    5. The system can be filled with a speed of 0-40 cans per minute, and the filling accuracy can be controlled within ± 1- 2g. According to different requirements, the residual oxygen rate after vacuuming and nitrogen filling can be lower than 3-5%, so that your product's shelf life is longer and safer.

    6. The site can be surveyed at the factory to design the best production plan in the field; technical support for other aspects of the production line is provided free of charge.

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Double-head online weighing powder filling machine

Double-head online weighing powder filling machine

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