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Semi-automatic liquid filling machine

Semi-automatic liquid filling machine

    The Semi-auto liquid filling machine is suitable for the quantitative filling of low viscosity and non-gas liquids: such as pesticide chemical industry: toluene, xylene, liquid fertilizer, etc.; pharmaceutical industry: oral liquid, syrup, disinfectant, spray, etc.; food industry: mineral water , Juice, milk, seasoning oil, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.


    Two normal pressure filling machines with storage tank for customer use.

    SCM control, keyboard set filling volume, easy to operate.

    Ordinary pressure quantitative, adjustable level, no splash, no foam.

    Solenoid valve filling, good performance, high precision.

    According to user needs can be made of anti-corrosion type, acid and alkali, strong corrosion resistance.


    Filling capacity 10-1000mL can be adjusted at any time through the keyboard.

    Worktable height adjustable, can meet the use of a variety of bottles.

    With automatic filling and foot switch control two working methods.

    Technical Parameters:

    Measuring range: 10-1000mL

    Filling accuracy: ±1%

    Filling speed: 0-40 bottles/minute

    Appearance size: length × width × height (1200 × 400 × 1100) mm

    Total weight: 90kg

    Power Supply • Power: AC220V 50Hz • 400W

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Semi-automatic liquid filling machine

Semi-automatic liquid filling machine

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