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Full Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Full Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

    The Full Automatic Liquid Filling Machine adopts programmable control of PLC, and is equipped with a 6-inch touch screen man-machine interface system, adopts constant-pressure fixed flow channel parameters, and controls the filling time to realize different measuring filling. The structure of the device is simple, the size of the bottle is universal, changing the shape of the bottle without having to replace the accessories can be adjusted. Widely used in liquid filling of fruit juice, soy sauce, vinegar, mineral water, pesticides, chemicals, detergents, oral liquids, disinfectants, lubricants and cosmetics. Filling accuracy, no bubbles, no leakage. Suitable for filling 40-1000ml bottles (including shaped bottles).

    Advanced technology:

    1. Full Automatic Liquid Filling Machine is suitable for the filling of containers of different specifications, and the filling specifications can be switched within a few minutes.

    2. short filling cycle, high production capacity.

    3. replacement of filling specifications without adding equipment, just make adjustments to complete.

    4. touch color operation, can display the production status, operating procedures, filling methods.

    5. Each filling head is equipped with a bottle-neck device to ensure accurate alignment of injection materials.

    Unique filling method:

    1, the design uses a straight-line grouped into the bottle, the way out of the bottle, so that the filling function is expanded, each all forms of containers can be effectively filled in this equipment.

    2. The internationally advanced gas filling valve is selected to ensure that the filling process is free from drip and drape.

    3, powerful PLC software support, can achieve the ideal filling operation.

    4, man-machine friendly interface, so the operation is completed on the touch screen color.

    Accurate metering control:

    1. Filling adopts fixed flow channel parameters to control the filling time and achieve different measuring filling.

    2. The precise time of pneumatic valve filling can be set to 0.01 wonderful, which can make the measurement accuracy control in the ±1% error range, unnecessary material loss is reduced and user economic benefits are improved.

    3, the measurement of each filling head can be adjusted individually to achieve consistent filling measurement.

    4, the machine has set the bottle counting process, no bottle, the count is not filled, only when the filling is started only when the number of bottles recorded by the counter matches the set number of filled bottles.

    5, how much the amount of filling, can be adjusted to the required amount of filling, and then fine-tuning,You can get the ideal filling measurement accuracy.

    The main parameters:

    Measuring range : 40-1000ml

    Filling accuracy: ±1%

    Production capacity : 3000-5000 bottles/hour

    Air source pressure : 0.5-0.7mpa

    Air consumption : 200L/t

    Power Source : 380V 50Hz

    Total power: 0.5KW

    Weight : 400kg

    Dimensions : Length × width × height (6000 × 850 × 2600) mm

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Full Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Full Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

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