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Automatic Liquid Filling Line

Automatic Liquid Filling Line

    Automatic Liquid Filling Line

    The filling line consists of a bottle unscrambler, a liquid filling machine, a capping machine, an aluminum foil sealing machine, and a round bottle self-adhesive labeling machine.

    Overall appearance size (L) 9500mm * (W) 2000mm * (H) 2000mm

    Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

    Automatic Liquid Filling Machine is a high-tech filling equipment which is programmable by microcomputer, photoelectric sensing and pneumatic execution. Widely used in liquid filling of fruit juice, soy sauce, vinegar, mineral water, medicine, chemical industry, detergent, disinfectant, lubricating oil and cosmetics. Filling accuracy, no bubbles, no leakage. Suitable for filling 40-1000ml bottles (including shaped bottles).

    Advanced technology:

    1. The machine is suitable for the filling of containers of different specifications, and the filling specifications can be switched within a few minutes.

    2. short filling cycle, high production capacity.

    3. replacement of filling specifications without adding equipment, just make adjustments to complete.

    4、the user can choose according to their own production capacity to determine the number of filling the number of filling.

    5、touch-type color screen, can display production status, operating procedures, filling methods.

    6、Each filling head is equipped with a bottle-neck device to ensure accurate alignment of the injection material.

    Unique filling method:

    1. The design adopts the straight-line method of grouping bottles and bottles to make the filling function expand. All kinds of containers can be filled effectively in this equipment.

    2. The internationally advanced gas filling valve is selected to ensure that the filling process is free from drip and drape.

    3, powerful PLC software support, can achieve the ideal filling operation.

    4, man-machine friendly interface, so the operation is completed on the touch screen color.

    Accurate metering control:

    1. Filling adopts fixed flow channel parameters to control the filling time and achieve different measuring filling.

    2. The precise time for pneumatic valve filling can be set to 0.01 millimeters, which can make the measurement accuracy within ±1% error range, reduce unnecessary material loss, and improve user economic efficiency.

    3. the measurement of each filling head can be adjusted individually to achieve consistent filling measurement.

    4. The machine has set the bottle counting procedure, no bottle, no counting, and no filling. Only when the number of bottles recorded by the counter is the same as the set number of bottles, the filling will begin.

    5. how much the amount of filling, you can carry out initial adjustment to the required amount of filling, and then fine-tuning, you can get the ideal filling measurement accuracy.

    Technical Parameters:

    Filling range : 40-1000ml

    Filling speed : 0-7000 bottles/hour

    Measurement accuracy : ±1%

    Rated power : 0.8KW

    Operating voltage : 220V

    Working pressure : 6-7kg/cm2

    Power consumption : 0.5m3/t

    Net weight of the machine : 400kg

    Machine size: Length * width * height (2000 * 900 * 2100) mm


    Rotary Bottle Feeder

    This machine adopts variable frequency speed regulation for rotary motion, which makes bottles enter the conveyor belt in sequence under the action of rotating tangential force and is matched with the packaging production line to achieve the purpose of saving labor and improving work efficiency. The scope of the applicable containers is 50-1000ml glass bottles and plastics. Bottles, polyester bottles, etc.

    The main parts of this machine are made of high-quality stainless steel and meet the GMP requirements.

    Automatic Inline Capping Machine

    This machine is based on the experience of domestic and foreign capping machines, and is designed for the versatility of the cap type.

    The main advantages: When the bottles and lids change, they do not need to be replaced. As long as they are adjusted on the equipment, the screw caps have high qualification rate, high speed, and easy operation and maintenance. Since the capping wheel is away from the drinking and drinking device, the cap is ensured to be in place without over-tightening and damaging the cap; two additional bottle-holding ring-belt mechanisms are attached, and an unstable bottle or high bottle is also suitable. The device is equipped with an aluminum foil eliminator, and the aluminum foil-free cover is automatically removed before the lower cover, ensuring that the cover of the aluminum foil is 100%. The main parts of this machine are made of high-quality stainless steel and meet the GMP requirements.

    Main Parameters:

    Power Source : 220V 50Hz

    Power : 2KW

    Production capacity: ≤5400 bottles/hour

    Applicable bottle diameter: φ35mm~φ96mm

    Applicable cover : φ12mm~φ70mm

    Dimensions : Length × width × height (2400 × 960 × 2100) mm

    Total weight : 550kg


    Continuous Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine


    Continuous work, stepless speed regulation, stainless steel structure

    The fifth generation of modular design, the main components imported

    Water cooling, overheat alarm

    Can be equipped with automatic monitoring and reject device without aluminum foil inside cap

    Main parameters:

    Maximum power : 2600W

    Sealing diameter : φ15-120mm

    Sealing speed : 0-250 bottles/min

    Host size : Length × width × height (600 × 450 × 1310) mm

    Net weight of equipment : 120kg

    Cooling method : Water cooling

    Bottle sealing height : 400mm


    Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine

    The vertical labeling machine adopts advanced roll-to-roll labeling, adopts computerized fiber optic control, synchronous tracking, and the label is controlled by stepper motor or servo motor, automatically detects the size of containers and labels, and automatically positions and other advanced functions to ensure labeling. Synchronization, precision, automation. The host adopts microcomputer control, touch-type large-scale LCD panel, display and ten sets of memory devices inside, and it is a modern advanced electromechanical integration equipment. When the single machine is used, it can be used to distribute (receive) the tray, and it can also be directly used in the production line, which has excellent and reliable working performance. Can also be equipped with printers to complete label printing. Self-adhesive labeling machine has the advantages of easy cleaning, no mildew, beautiful and firm after labeling, no self-shedding, and high production efficiency. This series of models are made of 304 stainless steel and anodized high-grade aluminum alloys. They conform to GMP standards and are suitable for automatic labeling of containers in various industries such as medicine, daily chemicals, and food.

    Technical Parameters

    Labeling speed: 100-250 bottles/minute (related to bottle and label size)

    Transmission speed: 0-23 meters/minute can be arbitrarily adjusted

    Labeling accuracy: ±1mm (excluding package and label errors)

    The size of the object to be attached: diameter φ20-Φ80mm, height 20mm or more

    Applicable paper roll diameter: more than Φ76mm can be

    Applicable roll diameter: below Φ300mm

    Power usage: 220V/50Hz 200W

    Appearance size (L) 1700 × (W) 650mm × (H) 1300mm

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Automatic Liquid Filling Line

Automatic Liquid Filling Line

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